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Anyone else here watch Hell On Wheels?

I wanted to get caught up on this series, but I just found out that my cable provider (for some crazy reason) only keeps the most recent episodes available for viewing. Did anyone see episode 3? I’ve got a lot of questions.



Funny or Die posted a video called Black Teen Public Relations,

which satires how the life of a young black man is boiled down

to one often negative photo of that person when reported in the news.

These days when blacks express how upset we are

when an unarmed black is killed or harassed by a policeman,

some well-meaning racists always point out

that black on black gang violence exists,

and that it happens more often than black men being killed by policemen.

Internet logic dictates that I can’t be upset

when a person of authority abuses that authority to target my race

as long as there are people of my race out there

killing other people of my race.

And by that same logic my people deserve “Stop & Frisk”,

and any other mistreatment someone sees fit.

I guess I should just learn to deal with it.

But I can’t.

I won’t.

I hate when my people kill my people,

and my people are ALL people.

But as far as my people go,

I hold cops to a higher moral standard than gangs.

Read this. All of it.

Finally.. Jesus H

she’s a tough little cookie..

okay, so what have I missed this week?

She’s a fighter. Unfortunately for her, her dad’s a fighter and an asshole. She’ll learn and one day to embrace the wonders of nighttime sleep.

Fucking truckers

So my daughter is fighting sleep like it’s the worst thing in the world today. We joke that she’s a vampire because she sleeps all day and that wants to stay up and play at night. Lately, we’ve had good luck turning that around and B is has really done a great job getting her up and active first thing in the morning. It’s weird because she’ll sleep through anything during the day, but at night she’s a light sleeper. Anyway, she doesn’t want to sleep at all today so I break out the old ‘take her for a drive.’

I was on the road for only a minute and the crying went away, and she was sound asleep. I thought I’d drive around for a few miles more before returning home to make sure the little booger is good and anchored. I caught a red light and was there for quite a while. On a Saturday night in the South, pretty much the only thing open now are liquor stores and gas stations. (until recently, the liquor stores weren’t open either depending on where you lived after midnight). So this trucker is at the light and he starts blowing his horn. I looked around quickly to make sure nothing dangerous was going on before realizing that this dude was blowing his horn at 2 attractive younger gals hanging out on the phone in front of the liquor store by their car. I started thinking all sorts of things and they all started with the words ‘You motherfucker.’

I don’t want to honk or yell because I don’t want to wake the baby. This dickhole does it again.. then again. Sure enough, the baby starts crying. I started driving again and thought I was in the clear when she stopped crying. That’s when the princess started doing her own thing. Recently, she’s discovered that she has a lot of hair and she likes to pull it. Then she screams because it hurts and she doesn’t know why. She did this twice before I gave up and brought her back home. She has mittens on, I’ve got a fresh stack of bottles and pacifiers. I’m done fucking around, she’s going to sleep. Still, if that trucker doesn’t blow his horn she would have been down for the count almost 2 hours ago.. dickhead.

Nailed it, kinda

I did have to stop in and replace the pacifier, but I escaped and she’s asleep. Chalk one up for being civilized.