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What in the ever loving hell?

I’m bummed about having to go 2 weeks without John Oliver. He’s basically the only real news here in the States and that, in and of itself, is depressing.

I still can’t get into this final season of True Blood.


Can’t wait for the “Sexy Guilty Remnant” Halloween costumes for ladies.


This is so cute - until she crawls out of a well or your television to kill you. You should never have watched that tape.


This is so cute - until she crawls out of a well or your television to kill you. You should never have watched that tape.


Anonymous asked: There's sonething rather amusing in being accused of historical ignorance by a man who thinks British soldiers patrolled 'Dublin' during the Troubles. As any any fool knows, those men are armed because there were terrorists around (on two sides) with RPGs and heavy machine guns - neither of which are much in evidence in Ferguson.

Hello Mr. Benedict Evans,  (or anonymous defender of Mr Evans’ post from the San Francisco area)

I hope San Francisco is treating you well. Before we move forward, I do have to tell you that I admire your professional work.

Now that’s out of the way, you are absolutely correct. However, I am fully aware that the British Army was not patrolling the streets of Dublin. That was, quite frankly, a brain fart on my part.

You see, when I saw your post that smacked of traditional English pomposity,  I admittedly rushed to perform a quick Google image search to show the absurd nature of your post. In my haste and laziness, I looked at the wrong meta description. Those are British Army soldiers in the streets of Belfast, obviously. It was an honest mistake, much like when you said ‘sonething’ instead of something in your response to me.

Now that I’ve addressed your straw man, before we conclude I do think it’s important to note that:

1. You failed to mention the other, more recent, picture (with a correct caption) showing an illegal roadblock using a machine gun in County Donegal.

2. I’m sorry, not ‘any fool knows’ (there’s that pomposity again) that there were terrorists on both sides. And just to go back to point number 1 again briefly, what RPGs and heavy machine guns were the IRA toting around County Donegal in 2010? Please do note, those are police in the latter photo.

You occupy a country for 800 years. You outlaw their language, you persecute their religion and you just expect them to say that they are okay with you settling ‘peacefully’ by playing ‘just the tip’ with their country? No, there were Irish fighting to drive the crown out. There was the crown’s forces and the forces of the colonial settlers fighting on behalf of the crown to keep what they took long ago.

3. Your point about the lack of RPGs and heavy machine guns is well taken, although it should be mentioned it took the Irish a very long time to become that well armed. We have more guns than opportunity in the United States, it won’t take the masses long to arm themselves.

4. The funny thing is, you and I are essentially on the same side of this issue. The difference being, I take exception to anyone citing the English (a long standing bar setter in the world of human rights violations and torture) as an example of ‘how things should be done.’ Unless, of course, you are insisting that we further violate their human rights and torture them. At that point, we won’t agree anymore but at least your comparison would be valid.

I’m sure you could say that is all ‘long in the past’ but as recent as last year, the UN still says that you’ve got a long way to go: 

Look. We’re America. We know we’re fucked up. We’re an experiment in process. We always have been and we always will be. Here in the States, we have these obnoxious folks called Texans.. and these Texans like to do things such as go to vacation in Italy and complain about how shitty the spaghetti and pizza is there.

Right now, you’re England’s version of that Texan.

ugh, my god damned phone hates me

taliabobalia replied to your post “On a lighter note”

*whispers* precedent

Thank you, I corrected that. There’s a reason why I hate making text posts from my phone. Whenever i think of the programmer who wrote the software for the Galaxy phone, I always assume it was some poor foreign exchange student who was forced to take 8 English courses in America and this is his revenge.

On a lighter note

Did I tell you guys that my son’s therapist is hot?

Look, I gotta deal with an 8.5 month pregnant lady in the other room, so I can neither confirm nor deny this.

What I can say is that my son is really looking forward to his next session.

I think it’s awesome that he’s buying into therapy, but I hope he’s not establishing a precedent of telling pretty women his secrets and trusting them without question …

I’m not falling into a trap

I was a Constitutional Law major, I’m just trying to throw you guys a solid here if this doesn’t go the way we all think it should.

In law, most good lawyers will tell you that the surest way to lose your case is to overstate it. That’s the problem with all this media hype and hyperbole.

Ask that shop owner what kind of person he thought the kid was. If you want a conviction, you need to deal with the facts before they get away from you.

I think this is murder. I think the excessive nature of the shooting is damning.

At the same time, just making shit up will only hurt the victim here. That’s what people are doing. They mean to help, but they are hurting the cause.