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Thanks for the input folks

so the consensus seems to be that tracking your own tag on the phone/tablet app never works, and it’s hit or miss filled with lots of errors if you use it on the computer/laptop..

Eh, it’s free. Still, it would be cool if it worked.

For those of you who track your own tag

do you ever get a notification, but there’s no new post there to see? I’ve gone through all the posts and there’s nothing new there. Is this just me, or is it something you guys have run into in the past?

What a long ass day

The boy got dropped off at 1:30am. I wrapped up laundry a few hours later. Right as I decided to head for bed, I got an email from my father telling me that my mom had been taken to the hospital. A few sleepless hours passed until I was able to wake my sister up. She had no idea about mom. I took Carson to his game this morning while trying to assign people back home to different responsibilities taking care of mom and dad. All the while, my ex tried to hijack it and make it about her, but of course. I finally slept a bit but it doesn’t feel like enough.

They’ll be keeping my mom at Kaiser for the weekend. She was really looking forward to Easter at her new house. I think I should try to sleep again. The past 18 hours have flooded my mind and caused me to rethink everything in my life. But first, sleep.

I do believe someone said “post it”

I do believe someone said “post it”

So we’re at 5 guys after the game

And this gal keeps checking my crotch, like constantly. So, I took my phone out and took her picture. That stopped her. Don’t ever underestimate my ability to out awkward you.

Don’t tell anyone, they’re napping buddies.

Don’t tell anyone, they’re napping buddies.

So, the TV just told me

that if you call this number, you can have a ‘personal incontinence specialist.’ That’s a thing…

Also, it’s 1:30am and my son just walked in the door. 

How can you even punish a kid when it’s his mother who kept him out that late?

The shit just flows tonight, it would seem.